Anime Los Angeles 2020

Anime Los Angeles was cool. Anime Los Angeles is a ribbon con, but I didn’t collect that many ribbons. You can get ribbons for doing various things. The karaoke ribbon for some reason wasn’t sticky enough. So it didn’t stick to my badge.

Corps Dance crew was awesome as always. I saw Plus Ultra at the Masquerade and Across the Universe at opening ceremony.

I was disappointed that there was no Bear’s Picnic this year. Bear’s Picnic is Chaz giving us free food. I donate of course. I felt that some of the guests last year weren’t as good as previous years. It was still great though. It was really cool to see Brats. Brats is a japanese rock band.

The food I had was from a food truck called Okamoto Kitchen. The Gyudon bento box was great. The gyudon bento comes with beef (gyudon), fried chicken, rice, and japanese potato salad. Japanese potato salad is more mashed potatoey than regular potato salad. It’s also made with kewpie mayo rather than regular mayo.

I really liked seeing Tatenda Mbudzi’s movie Zim High. It’s about a violent high school called Zimbabe High. No it’s not about Invader Zim! Anyways, the movie is about a boy who gets bullied because he likes anime and he wants to be perfect so he gets a scholarship in Japan to study anime. Unfortunately it was a rough draft. I wanna buy it lol. I bought some shirts, I don’t remember where. It was a cute my hero academia shirt and the other shirt was an original design called sneaker. I don’t remember the artists names. So that will be added later.